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Charity for Prosperity - Where should we spend our Charity Fund ?

In modern time, economic conditions determine the longevity of our actions. No amount o donation/charity can support a Good Activity for Long, the only option is to change the trade preferences so that the Good gets benefited over Bad. For example, If we want to survive the Cow then we need to invest in cow products, consume them, we need to make people aware of the economic benefits of the Cow, we need to buy Desi cow milk, desi ghee, panchgavya soap, GauArk, etc ! Once we start trading on cow based products then economic conditions will improve automatically and farmer will more likely choose Indigenous cow rather than Holstein, Jersey, etc. Same is true for all other areas as well (Alopathy vs Ayurveda, etc)

चाणक्य ने कहा था - "बुधिमान मनुष्य को ज्ञान, धन और सेवा से धर्म की रक्षा करनी चाहिए !"
उपनिषद भी कहते हैं - "धर्मो रक्षति रक्षित:" यानी जो धर्म की रक्षा करता है, धर्म उसकी रक्षा करता है। कहा जाता है की धर्म और पाप देखा देखी बढ़ता है I
धारण करे सो धर्मंः - धर्म को मन, वचन और कर्म से धारण करने से ही वो उपयोगी होता है I

We have compiled a list of items mostly related to Vedic literature, where we spend funds collected from donation. If you know some good literature work related to the Ancient Indian/Vedic Practices, then please do inform us (by commenting on the blog, or dropping an email to, you can contribute by promote the material presented on this blog if you like !

1. Apne Doctor Swayam Bane and Go Sushma by Chetsanand & Uttam Maheshwari.

one copy costs Rs 250 & 60 Rs respectively. Buy it here

There are many other works on the some similar lines by Uttam Maheshvari, Rajiv Dixit, etc available at Youtube -

Cow and its Benefits to Human Society

Ayurveda for Happy Long Life without Medicine

2. Asana Pranayam Mudra Bandh by swami Satyanand Sarasvati
This is a very good book on Yoga Asana and Paranayam.

3. Books on Organic Farming by Subhash Palekar
  • Spiritual Farming with Zero Budget by Subhash Palekar
  • Adhyatmic Krishi ke Mool Tatva by Subhash Palekar
  • Baagwani Kaise Karein ?

This is a very good book if someone wants to switch to Vedic Cow Based Organic Farming, showing stats and methodology for zero budget farming. After following this manual, no amount of Fertilizer/Pesticide will be required for your farming needs.

Per paperback copy costs around Rs 50,100,100 respectively.

Best Formula for Organic Farming by Rajiv Dixit

Vish Mukt Krishi by Rajiv Dixit
Desi Kheti Formula by Shri Rajiv Dixit

4. Swadeshi Chikista Sar by Dr. Ajit Mehta
This books gives us very good collection of Home Remedies for most common illnesses.
Per copy costs around Rs 100. To get a free copy of this book, write back to Me !!!

5. Purusharth Chatushya - Artha, Kama, Dharma and Moksha
Its a very good work on understanding the Four Purushartha mentioned in Hindu Dharma. Its rightly mentioned that Dharma saves those who save Dharma -

6. Desi Cow Ghee (Indian Breed A2 milk cows only, No Jersey & Holstein Breeds)

Always Promote Desi Ghee due to its various medicinal benefits.

7. Very good books collection by Rajiv Dixit

8. There are more than 300 varieties of Indian Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants, At times we order seeds from various available institutes/shops across India for these seeds

GreenField Forestory offers orders in Bulk Only. You can order seeds for Amla, Amaltash, Baheda, Bael, Bija, Gulmohar, Teak, Khair, and many other seeds from this website.

9. Donate an Indian Breed Cow

10. Yogasana related Books and Posters -

11. Other good work on Gau and Swadeshi

Go-Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra, Deolapar, Nagpur

Gau Mata Katha by Sushma Prakashan

Indigenous Cow varieties in India

GauAnk from GeetPress

India has 37 pure cattle breeds

The Desi Cow – Almost Extinct

Indian Cattle, Government Report

Why Desi Cow and not Jersey, Holstein etc ?

Blogs on Cow and Cow Protection

Cow is a mobile medical dispensary!msg/swami-ramdev-yoga-cures-140-diseases/CnjOsKgqauY/Rg0ZjUoNk90J

Benefits of Deshi Ghee

Rajiv Malhotra's Books
1. Being Different (Hindi and English) - 
2. Breaking India 
3. Indra's Net

Uttam Maheshwari's Books
1. Apne Doctor Swayam bane

Download some of the work using DLI Downloader

Advaita and Quantum Physics - Tao of Physics by Capra
This book tries to unify quantum physics and Advaita philosophy (Nataraj Shiva Dance)

For any doubt on purchasing above mentioned material, drop me an email

How can you contribute ?

  1. By helping us grow the above Collection List on this blog. If you know any good literature work, please let us know -
  2. By promoting this blog page to your friends, thereby spreading knowledge & awareness. Together we can have more impact ! संघे शक्ति कलियुगे I
  3. Indigenous cows are speedily being replaced by foreign cows (Holstein, Jersey, etc). Consumer should become aware of the benefits of Indian breed cows and then start consuming cow products (Deshi Ghee, Deshi cow's milk, cow urine for illness, cow based soap etc), its better than giving donation to cow sheds. Trade with them for them to survive them !!
  4. By gifting any of the item mentioned above to the seeker (who is keen to understand the subject, a true seeker). It does not cost much.
  5. By becoming an example. That's the best way to promote it in modern era. धारण करे सो धर्म, इसलिए हम सब धर्म को धारण (मन, वचन और कर्म) करके अपनी, राष्ट्र की और इस धरती की सेवा कर सकते हैं I
  6. If you want to contribute monetarily, then you can send us money to the following bank account (I am sorry I can not issue 80G as of now), I will make sure funds are properly used for this purpose only.

    Bank Details for NEFT Transfer

    a/c 5277618224
    IFSC : CITI0000002
    Citi Bank 
    Branch NA. Delhi

    and make sure you drop a note to


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